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ICT Computer Service Centre Print ICT Computer Service Centre

Below are the location of ICT Computer Service Centres as at 31 December 2015. These centres are set up with the assistance of SAINS providing them with the computers needed.

Most of these centres are set up at the homes of the Alumni members.  The areas are :

1. REDEEM Centre, Singai, Bau

2. Kpg Tambirat, Asajaya

3. Kpg Sg Lundu, Lundu

4. Kpg Menek, Sebangan

5. Kpg Bungey, Debak

6. Kpg Babu, Debak

7. Jln Abang Hj Puteh Ellias, Saratok (2 Centres)

8. Kpg Baru, Balingian

9. Kpg Sualai, Jln Punang, Lawas

10. Kpg Tengah, Meludam

11. Semariang Baru, Kuching

Another three Alumni members, are expected to open up new centres in the following areas:

1. Uma Badeng, Sg Koyan Belaga

2. Kpg Hilir, Sebauh Bintulu

3. Kpg Karu, Jln Puncak Borneo, Kuching


Among the services available are training in Microsoft Office, online ticket purchases, online bill payments, computer repair.

Five centres are also offering rural health care facilities, whereby the community can do their medical screening on their glucose level, blood pressure, and Body Mass Index (BMI) using portable medical devices. The information gathered is then submitted to panel doctors in Kuching for assessment using  online healthcare system and technology (VSAT) available.  This is of great convenience to the rural community who do not need to travel to Kuching or the town areas to seek medical screening.

Mohd Afiq Hamdan (Left), Kpg Sualai, Lawas Mohd Azhar Semawi, Kpg Menek, Sebangan