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Last Update: 04 Oct 2023
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Ü  Mastering Computer Keyboard             

Ü  Basic Computer Skills

Ü  Word Processing

Ü  Spreadsheet

Ü  Presentation

Ü  Database Design

Ü  Publishing

Ü  e-Commerce

Ü  Web Publishing using HTML

Ü  Web Development using Dreamweaver

Ü  Marketing using Social Media

Ü  Graphic Design using GIMP

Ü  Animation using Flash

Ü  Photography & Videography

Ü  Basic Programming using SCRATCH

Ü  Embedded System using ARDUINO

Ü  Building your Self-Esteem

Ü  Everyday Conversation in English

Ü  Technique in Handling Telephone Calls

Ü  Basic Letter and Report Writing

Ü  Basic Record & Document Management

Ü  Essential Tools for Entrepreneur

Ü  Entrepreneurship

Ü  Technical : PC Maintenance & Troubleshooting Computer

Ü  Interview Techniques

Ü  Workplace Motivation

Ü  Train-The-Trainer

Ü  Presentation Skills

Ü  Communication Skills